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Controlled Environment
Production is the future !



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  Controlled Environment Agriculture
provides perfect measures of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), light, CO2, water and nutrition for optimum production.  Increased yield in a shorter time !

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Our founder has over 40 years of senior management level experience in Horticulture. 

After a year of research, meetings and discussions, we have established a collaboration of all of the world class players necessary to design, manufacture and manage Controlled Environment Production facilities, anywhere in the world.

From a 40' Growtainer (www.growtainers.com) to the development of an
Agro-Industrial Park, we can help !

Read about Growtainers in the Grower Talks Inside Grower Newsletter (03/13/2012)

The entire cultivation process is now faster and more manageable, and will render dramatically increased yields, in turn making the process sustainable and profitable. Controls and sensors on-site or offer remote monitoring capabilities, having been programmed with optimum production protocols, to maximize growth potential.

Using the newest LED lighting technology, it is now even possible to adjust the light composition and light intensity to supplement the lighting needs of a crop in a greenhouse environment. It is also possible to program LEDs to manipulate the photoperiod and grow for longer periods. When tailored LED lighting was used as supplementary lighting in CEA Greenhouses, yields have been shown to increase dramatically.

GreenTech Agro has found a solution to the high cost of LED lighting.....

Room temperature, root temperature, air, humidity, CO2, light intensity, light color, air velocity, irrigation and nutritional value can all be separately and accurately regulated, monitored and controlled. The benefits of supplemental lighting and photoperiod manipulation are evident in a single layer in a greenhouse or several cultivation layers in a vertical environment.

When one combines supplemental LED lighting technology with computer controls, solar panels, storm water storage and production methods such as hydroponics or aeroponics, the result is an optimal environment for cost effective, enhanced-yield greenhouse production.